2023 Eyewear Trends to Watch

young woman trying on glasses

Eyeglasses offer an easy way to update your style. The last few years have seen changes in eyewear fashions as people look for classy designs with meaning. Creative styles are a game changer for people looking for eyewear that can reveal how they feel or what they think. From empathic colors to unique shapes and sustainable beauty, there is something to suit your personality. 


Whether you love visionary minimalism, geometric beauty, or modern vintage, there is a style for you. Here are 2023 eyewear trends to watch. 


Cat-eye Eyeglasses 


Cat-eye frames have served to excite fashion lovers, and the trend is expected to continue into 2023. The eyeglasses are trendy and timeless, and they suit most faces. There are cat-eye designs that can complement any face shape. 


The frames have angles that flatter the face, creating a classy look. Depending on your style, they can look fun, flirty, or businesslike. They come in different sizes and a wide range of colors. 


Tortoise Shell Eyeglasses


If you love patterned frames, you cannot do any better than tortoise shell frames. The eyewear trend has been around for several years and will continue to be huge in 2023. This unique style can suit anyone, and the frames are available in different designs and sizes. They work with varying skin tones and offer a spectrum of colors to suit your creative style. 


Delicate Wire Frames


If you are looking for a classy, minimalist look, wire eyeglass frames are a popular option. The trend to watch is eyeglasses in classic light metallic or golden colors that give the illusion of being invisible. 


It is, however, necessary to note that wireframes are not ideal for all eyeglass prescriptions. The thin, delicate frames cannot hold thick lenses. 


Round-framed Eyeglasses 


For yet another year, round frames are a key trend to watch in 2023. The eyeglasses are elegant and ideal for all ages. They give the face a directional feel, and you can wear them daily or for special occasions. 


Large round frames are fashionable and are available in different frame materials to suit your style. If you have a round face, round eyeglasses may not be for you. Choose square frames instead.  


Square Retro Frames 


Just like with round frames, square retro frames are a trend that is here to stay. The classic style has made a comeback and is making its mark in the fashion world. Retro frames are durable, and they can flatter most face shapes. Different colored frames can help complement any wardrobe. Super-square or hexagonal shapes will help you stand out from the crowd. 


Eco-friendly Eyewear 


2023 is expected to see a rise in eco-friendly fashion, supporting nature and the environment. More people are looking for eyeglasses that are both stylish and eco-friendly. These are eyeglasses made from eco-friendly materials. Phrases such as sustainable beauty and responsible innovation are shaping the eyewear world.  


Artful materials and details are expected to feature prominently in 2023 eyewear. Woven materials, macrame, florals, rhinestones, infographics, and other embellishments adorn the frames. Eccentric shapes and a combination of metals help create unique and modern eyewear. There is something in 2023 to suit any personality and style. 


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