Can I Use My HSA or FSA to Buy Contact Lenses?

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Eye problems are becoming more common every day. This can be attributed to lifestyle changes and aging. Spending a lot of time looking at screens can cause long-term effects on vision and eye health. It is important to have good vision coverage.


What Are HSA/FSA Accounts?

HSA is short for Health Savings Account and FSA is short for Flexible Spending Account. These accounts are managed by financial institutions. The institution issues you a debit card. This card can only pay for the eligible medical expense throughout the year. The difference between the two accounts is eligibility.

Everybody is eligible for FSA. HSA, on the other hand, has high deductibles. Eligible people must have minimum deductibles of $1350 for individuals and $2700 for families. With HSA, the remaining unused funds are carried forward to the following year. With FSA, you have to use the money within the stipulated period.

Both accounts have pre-tax contributions. They preset certain contribution limits, and they share the same list of eligible expenses. They are both available through employers.

Can You Use HSA/FSA for Contact Lenses Expenditure?

Prescription vision expenditure is covered under HSA/FSA. People who use prescription glasses use these options all the time. If you need prescription contact lenses or even prescription sunglasses, you can use HSA/FSA to pay for them as well.

When buying glasses or contact lenses with these options, go for the best value for your money. You can add polarized lenses, anti-reflective coating, and blue light filtering lenses. However, make sure that you discuss with your financial institution to understand what is covered and what is omitted.

Some people use their funding to buy qualified items for their loved ones. You can use it on your spouse or your children. Since your HSA funds can be carried forward each year, you can accumulate them yearly to save funds for a big expenditure. You can use these funds to pay for corrective eye surgeries and other medically approved eye procedures.

What Are the Other Items Covered Under HSA/FSA

Other items may also be included in the plan. As long as you are clear from the beginning on what is allowed on the card and what is not, you can pay for your eye drops and eye care co-pays. You can use your card to pay for eye exams, as well. Remember that some cards do not cover routine exams, but they do cover medical eye exams.

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