Why Our Culture Benefits You!

July 21, 2015

It is our sincere belief that the better our team is, the better service we can provide our patients...

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Take Advantage of an Optician – Purchase Your Eyewear in Person

July 15, 2015

In today’s world, you can buy almost anything online, including eyeglasses. Though browsing and buying online might be easy, the benefits of buying your glasses in-store...

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It’s Time Again for Back-to-School Eye Exams

July 07, 2015

Though it feels like just yesterday that school was letting out for summer, Back to School time is right around the corner. Every Back to School season wouldn’t be complete without shopping for new school supplies...

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It’s July – Clarke EyeCare Salutes the Military All Month

July 1, 2015

Have you wondered why you sometimes see new faces when you come into Clarke EyeCare Center? We at Clarke are proud to say we support and HIRE military family members...

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5 Easy Steps to Safely Cleaning Your Eyeglasses

June 30, 3015

What’s the point of even having glasses if you can’t see through the lenses? There isn’t much of one. But smudges, dust, and, unfortunately, scratches, are just part of the deal...

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