Chanel – What Story Does Your Eyewear Tell?

Chanel – What Story Does Your Eyewear Tell?

Chanel – What Story Does Your Eyewear Tell?

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Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel created her brand in 1913 and it is still the epitome of quality and timeless elegance. Who doesn’t want something from Paris’s House of Chanel? Purchasing a beautiful pair of Chanel eyeglasses or sunglasses is a great way to own a piece inspired by the fashion legend.

From her childhood in an orphanage to the icon we know her as today, Coco was constantly redefining the “modern woman,” living life to it’s fullest and she took no prisoners! Each storyline represented in the collection is inspired by something from Coco’s extraordinarily colorful life.


Mademoiselle Chanel’s favorite flower, it symbolizes glamour and purity. Feminine and Romantic, Camélia appeals to the natural-looking, fresh, and original woman.


Matelasse is Classic and Recognizable, perfect for a classic character, young or mature. Highly noticeable, the quilting resembles the horse blankets Coco admired in the riding stables during a tryst with an equestrian.


A subtle idea from Mademoiselle Chanel, who hemmed the bottom of her jackets with a thin chain to ensure the perfect drape and line. To avoid losing her handbag, she attached chains and wore them over her shoulder. Innovative and Audacious, Chaine is for women who appreciate details and original luxury.


Precious and Elegant, Perle expresses a highly feminine side. Women who like and wear jewels are drawn to it.

Coco famously said, “Women need ropes and ropes of pearls.” She was rarely seen without them!

Interlocking CC’s

Symbolic and Glamorous, the CC signature is for women who want to show they are a part of the Chanel world – a true fashion addict!

Discover your inner Coco.

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