Cool Eyeglasses for Cool Kids

Cool Eyeglasses for Cool Kids

Cool Eyeglasses for Cool Kids

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The days of being made fun of for being “four eyes” are long gone. Today, adults aren’t the only ones that are looking for both fashion and function in eyeglasses. The right pair of glasses will help the wearer see the world more clearly, define or accentuate personal style, and make any kid into one cool kid!

Shapes and Styles

The shapes and styles of the eyeglasses kids want are just smaller versions of what adults are wearing. From the classic, square wayfarer-style to more vintage, round styles, brands like Ray-Ban, Sketchers, Izod, and Juicy Couture know what kids are into and what they’ll actually enjoy wearing. Obviously, glasses won’t do their job if they aren’t worn so ensuring that your kiddo feels comfortable in their specs is important.


Kids aren’t scared of a little pop of color in their wardrobe and glasses are the perfect accessory to make that bright splash! Little ladies might go for some red, blue, or purple frames while the guys may gravitate to the blue, green, and caramel colored specs. Of course, bold black, brown, and tortoise shell frames will compliment any hip boy’s or girl’s sense of style.


Let’s be honest – kids may not take proper care of their glasses. Regardless of the color, shape, or style, a broken pair of eyeglasses isn’t so cool. Many frames are plastic and though cost-effective, they are much easier to break than materials like metal, nylon, and titanium (which are also hypoallergenic!). Make sure that whatever pair of glasses your cool kid chooses; it will stand up to the tests of any energetic and active youngster.