Eyewear Trends for 2020

Trendy Glasses

Wearing glasses doesn’t just have to be functional. Like many celebrities, your choice of eyewear can make a real statement about who you are as a person. They can even become one of your defining features. Woody Allen is considered one of the pioneers of the hipster frame, while fashion icon Iris Apfel reflects her eclectic style in her choice of thick, black round glasses. And he may be fictional, but even Harry Potter is known for his round, wire-framed spectacles. 


What do you want your choice of eyewear to say about you? Do you want to appear serious or playful? Do you prefer to embrace a classic, timeless look or are you daring and willing to adopt bold, bright colors and interesting shapes to reflect your confidence and make you stand out from the crowd? The choices are endless. There may be countless styles of eyewear to choose from, but some are much more on-trend than others. Here’s what you need to know about the big eyewear trends for 2020. 


Transparent and Translucent

Big at the end of 2019, transparent frames are expected to continue to be a clear front-runner as a popular style for the new decade. They are extremely versatile, working well with nearly every outfit whether ultra-trendy or fashion chic. 


Meanwhile, translucent frame colors are also making waves. These crystal tints, which range from dark hues of burgundy and forest green to lighter shades of citrine and champagne, there is something to fit every personality. 


Tantalizing Toplines

If you aren’t afraid to make a statement and choose eyewear that has a heavy topline, you can be certain to be on-trend this season. There is no distinct bottom edge, which means that attention is drawn to the area just above your eyes. Team them with some killer brows for a defined and strong look. Heavy toplines are also particularly good at softening prominent facial features. 


70s Style

You either love them or hate them, but one thing that we can all agree on is that 70s throwback eyewear is unique and daring. These retro styles prove that bigger is sometimes better, and the geometric or ultra-round oversized shapes and even mirrored lenses are one way to ensure that your style and your personality shines through. 


Magnificent Metal

Not all eyewear has to be so loud, and the simplistic understatement of metal wireframes is making a big comeback in 2020. Some people may consider them a little nerdy and serious, but with the right outfit, they are great at projecting calm and quiet confidence, knowledge and professional power. And with several different metal types to choose from, there is bound to be a color that works with your skin and hair tones and enhances your natural beauty. 


Cat Eyes

Since Audrey Hepburn wore a pair in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, cat-eye frames have continued to dip in and out of popularity, coming back bigger and better each time. Many styles have now been given a modern twist, and with a multitude of colors and sizes to choose from, there is a cat-eye frame for every face. 


Wooden Wonders

Wooden frames first made an appearance many years ago, but it isn’t until now that they are becoming a very real and popular choice for many patients, particularly those who are very conscious of reducing their impact on the planet and want to move away from plastic. Unsurprisingly, eyewear with wooden frames looks unique and as well as the classic browns, greys, and reds, they are becoming more readily available stained in a variety of more vibrant shades. 

If you need prescription eyewear, but would like more information on the top eyewear trends for 2020, or if you would like support in choosing your glasses frames, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our knowledgeable and experienced optical team in Wichita Falls at Clarke EyeCare. 

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