How to Choose the Best Eye Care Center for Your Family

Woman Getting Eye Exam

Choosing the right eye doctor is just as important as selecting the perfect family physician. After all, vision is the sense we rely on most and your eye doctor will be integral to your preventative eye care. With proper care and regular attention, your eye doctor could help you to maintain healthy eyes and good eyesight for your whole life! 


With this in mind, here are some of the things that you should take into account when choosing the best eye care center for your family. 


Understand the Difference Between an Optometrist and an Ophthalmologist

Many people think that all eye doctors are the same, but there are differences. While optometrists and ophthalmologists both examine eyes and treat eye diseases, optometrists specialize in providing preventative, comprehensive eye care while ophthalmologists specialize in providing surgical eye care.


Ask for Recommendations

Chances are, you know plenty of people who already use an eye care center for their family’s eye health. One of the quickest ways of shortlisting potential candidates is to ask around for recommendations. Speak to family, friends, or colleagues, to find out who they use and if they would recommend them. It also gives you the opportunity to ask questions about the type of care they’ve received and if they’ve been happy with their experiences. You should also search for independent reviews online.



When you have a busy life, convenience is worth its weight in gold. Make sure to figure out how easy it will be for you to schedule and attend your appointments. Some of the questions you may want to think about include:


  • Is the drive to the office convenient?

  • Is there sufficient parking?

  • Is it close to your home, place of work, or kid’s school?

  • Do the opening hours work with your schedule?

  • If you have any disabilities, can they cater for these?


Schedule a Visit

There is only so much you can tell about an eye care center from a review or website. The best way to really get a feel for the type of care you’ll receive is to visit them in person. You will want to ensure that they have excellent customer service and the ability to put you and your family at ease. Good communication skills are essential, and you can find out what insurances they accept and what other payment options are open to you. 


You should also ask about the type of technology that they have available. Optometric diagnostic technology is evolving all the time and having the latest tools and equipment will help to ensure that you and your family receive the very best care. 


For more advice on choosing the best eye care center for your family, call Clarke EyeCare Center in Wichita Falls or Burkburnett at 940-905-0700 or 940-569-4131 to schedule an appointment today.