How To Pick The Right Sunglasses

How To Pick The Right Sunglasses

How To Pick The Right Sunglasses

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Everybody needs a good pair of sunglasses and a great pair can definitely make a statement! There are so many choices out there, how on earth do you pick? Well, here are some basic tips to get you started.

Pick Your Style

When you go shopping you will see styles ranging from casual to chic and everything in between.

Are you looking for a classic frame that never goes out of style? Try the aviator for a casual look.

Are you super trendy? You absolutely need to rock the Ray-Ban Wayfarer or Clubmaster.

Feeling sassy? Go for a daring cat-eye frame!

Or for classic chic go for the oversized Jackie-O style frame…you know, the ones you see on all your favorite celebs!

Remember, sunglasses are an accessory; so don’t be afraid of color! The right frame can certainly make an outfit.

What’s Your Shape?

Ok, let’s talk about face shape. It’s pretty simple, just think contrast. What does that mean?

  • If you have a round face, look for geometric or square frames. Stay away from the really round frames.

  • If you have a square face, go for an oval or round frame.

  • Diamond and heart shape faces tend to look best in oval frames.

  • Those of you lucky enough to have an oval shaped face; you can really wear any frame you like!

Comfort and Lifestyle

Club master sunglasses - Make sure to consider your lifestyle and what you will be using your sunglasses for the most.

Eye candy blog clarke eyecare wichita tx - For example, you may need a sports-specific pair with rubber ear pieces that wrap around your face for playing tennis or skiing plus a fabulous pair for a day out shopping with your friends or lounging by the pool.

Whatever style you choose, always keep in mind comfort.

  • Not too tight at the temple or behind your ears.

  • The weight of the frame should be evenly distributed between your bridge and ears

  • Your lashes should not touch the frame or lenses.

Remember, if they aren’t comfortable you won’t wear them! Most quality frames can be adjusted by an optician for a customized fit and enhanced comfort. Most importantly, have fun and try them all on!

Ok, Let’s Get Serious Now

We all know sunglasses are more than just fun accessories; they are protection. Find a pair with at least 99% UV protection in the lenses. If you are not protecting your eyes from harmful UV rays you are increasing your risk for cataracts, macular degeneration, and cancer on the lids and skin around the eye. Not to mention all that squinting causes wrinkles on the forehead and crows fee around the eyes!

Summer is nearly here. Hurry out and select one or more pairs of sunglasses to match your style, your face, and your life.

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