Importance of the Annual Eye Examination I: Intraocular Pressure

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There is more to the annual eye examination than determining which looks better between 1 and 2. Yes, a huge component of the eye examination is determining the glasses prescription to provide clear and comfortable vision, but it is also important to have the health of your eyes examined to maintain your vision throughout your entire life. One test that is performed at your annual examination is the measurement of the intraocular pressure. 

Intraocular pressure is the fluid pressure in the eye and is measured by tonometry, which most patients relate it to the “air puff” test. At Clarke EyeCare, we no longer measure your eye pressure with the air puff and use newer technology called the iCare tonometer. This test is important to measure the pressure in your eye and screen for intraocular pressure related conditions such as glaucoma. Normal intraocular pressure is between 10-21mmHg with an average of 15mmHg. If the pressure of the eye is elevated it can increase the risk of damage to the optic nerve potentially resulting in vision loss. Therefore, if you are seeing okay through your glasses and do not have any complaints with your vision/eyes it is important to continue with your annual eye examinations to evaluate your eye health to maintain your vision throughout your entire life.

Over the next few months, I will continue to highlight testing that is performed at your annual eye examination and continue to discuss their importance.

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