Take Advantage of an Optician – Purchase Your Eyewear in Person

In today’s world, you can buy almost anything online, including eyeglasses. Though browsing and buying online might be easy, the benefits of buying your glasses in-store, with certified opticians on staff, far outweigh the Internet’s convenience.

There are multiple services that an optician can provide that aren’t available online and can make all the difference in how well your new glasses look, feel and function. Opticians are educated in optics and know all of the products that they have in their stores. They can customize lens and frame options to match the patient’s lifestyle and their prescription needs.

One of the most difficult things to get right when ordering glasses online is the specific measurements that are necessary to keep your lenses and prescription accurate. If these measurements are even slightly off, it can keep you from seeing as well as you should and even give you a headache or make you feel nauseous. Opticians are trained to perform custom measurements on all patients. This is especially important when ordering a progressive lens.

Obviously, you not only want to be able to see with your new glasses but you want them to fit your style and your face shape as well. Opticians are experts in frame styling to help you choose a frame that fits and is comfortable. We all know that if your glasses aren’t comfortable, even if you really need them, you aren’t going to wear them.

At Clarke EyeCare Center, we provide all of the optician services mentioned and personal services after the sale such as frame adjustments, minor repairs, and replacement nose pads all for no cost to the patient! And, if you’re not 100% satisfied with your glasses, we’re always here to help. You can’t buy that kind of service online!

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