The Best Time to be Over 40

Have you recently surpassed the age of 40?

Did you wake up one morning and lose the ability to read your phone with your glasses or contacts?

Do you feel that your arms are shorter and whatever you do you cannot move your reading material far enough away to see?

If so, you have hit the age of presbyopia. Presbyopia is defined as the loss of focusing of near objects that is a result of normal physiological changes to the crystalline lens. The crystalline lens is a refractive structure in the eye that is responsible for maintaining focus on objects during intermediate and near work (computer and reading). After 40 years the intraocular lens begins to lose the near focusing ability resulting in eyestrain, tired eyes, and ocular discomfort.

If any of this pertains to you, let me inform you that now is the best time to be over 40 with today’s methods of visual correction with glasses and contacts. When it comes to glasses people may relate multifocal lenses to having the line in the glasses, but the bifocal is old technology. The good news is we can get rid of the line with custom progressive addition lenses. The progressive addition lens allows you to have the full range of vision from distance to near with the custom freeform design.

These lenses now allow for a wider corridor to provide functional vision for distance vision, extended hours at the computer, reading, and everything in between. If you are a contact lens wearer, we have not forgotten about you. There are more options than ever before to maintain your lifestyle without glasses for 90% of your tasks.

Most multifocal contacts utilize simultaneous vision allowing to see at distance and near with both eyes open without grabbing for your over the counter reading glasses. If you are currently wearing daily contacts, monthly contacts, gas permeable contacts you may be a good candidate for multifocal lens options.

At your next examination at Clarke EyeCare Center, please do not hesitate to ask about your options to obtain the best corrected vision you deserve.

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