Warning: Risks of Wearing Halloween Costume Contacts

woman wearing costume eye contacts

Halloween is fun for many people because they get to dress up in all types of costumes. People will go all out in getting costumes right and embodying the fictional characters. People can get very creative with their costumes and accessories. The idea is to stand out from the rest by having the most convincing costumes. 


In the pursuit of great cosplay, people have been using Halloween costume contacts. These can change your eyes' color and even your pupils' shape. They take your cosplay to the next level, attracting many people to try them out. 


However, the American Optometric Association has warned people of the dangers of Halloween costume contacts. Contact lenses that people do not get from their eye doctor can damage the front surface of their eye. Here are some of the dangers that you may be exposed to when you put on the nonprescription eyewear:


Stops Flow of Air


If there is a slight misalignment between the lens and your eyeball, it can cause significant damage by suctioning to the eye. The material that the contact lens is made out if is very important and if it is made out of older materials, it may reduce the oxygen permeability of the lens. Both of these issues can reduce the amount of oxygen that gets to your eyes, which is critical for eye health.




These non-prescribed contacts can be potentially dangerous for your cornea, which is vital in vision. Contact lenses that are not well fitted can scratch the cornea, causing a corneal abrasion. Corneal abrasions are very painful as they can cause permanent damage to the eyes if not treated properly.




The risk of developing an eye infection increases 16-fold when you wear contact lenses that an eye doctor does not prescribe. When you get corneal infection, you may be able to treat it early on with antibiotics. If the infection is not treated early, you may have significant damage that would require a corneal transplant surgery. 




Non-prescription contact lenses can cause blindness. It may sound a bit extreme, but it has happened in severe cases. Your eyes are very sensitive and exposing them to harm by using non-prescription lenses is not advised.


No Instruction


A lot of the contact lenses sold without prescriptions usually do not emphasize the importance of contact lens care. People buy them in Halloween stores, beauty stores, or from street vendors. You will usually not get any advice on handling and maintaining the contacts. Contact lens care is crucial to ensure that your eyes are always safe. If you get aesthetic lenses from a qualified eye doctor, they will educate you on contact lens care.


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