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What is Macular Degeneration Eye Disease?

There are two forms of macular degeneration, wet and dry. The wet form of macular degeneration is caused when new blood vessels grow underneath the retina. These blood vessels can leak, bleed, and even scar which will cause distortions in vision. The dry form of this disease is more common and is caused when cells in the macula break down. Dry macular degeneration causes drusen, a yellowy deposit, which accumulates in the retina. Both forms of this condition cause severe vision problems that can be frustrating and impairing.

There are a variety of factors that can lead to macular degeneration in Wichita Falls. Some are genetic and some can be changed simply by maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

  • Age

  • Gender

  • Iris Color

  • Obesity

  • Smoking

  • Pigmentation

  • Race

  • Medications

  • Family History

Macular degeneration causes a variety of symptoms that can be debilitating for your lifestyle. Symptoms include blurred vision, blind spots, straight lines look bent or skewed, the color of objects appear different to each eye, and objects can also appear smaller in one eye than the other. However, there is eye disease treatment available.

treating macular degeneration

Macular Degeneration Treatments Wichita Falls

Macular degeneration treatment options are available for this disease. Before treating macular degeneration, we recommend having an eye exam completed to determine how severe it is and how much of the eye is affected. For more information on what treatment options are available and how we can help, contact our office today. Our doctors and qualified staff can address your concerns and help find options that will work for you.