When Should I Update My Prescription Glasses?

While it’s common knowledge that you should get your eyes checked and possibly update your prescription if you’re suddenly not seeing quite as well as you were, you may also need to upgrade your prescription glasses due to even the slightest damage or due to new advances in technology.

It’s Just a Scratch

Maybe you’ve been living with those scratched lenses or cracked nosepiece for just a little too long. You may think that just dealing with the issue or patching it up is fine but no matter how small the damage, it may be preventing you from seeing as well as you could.

It’s always important to contact your eyecare professional if your eyeglasses become damaged so that they can either be repaired or upgraded. Though you may not be excited about the potential price, it’s difficult to put a price on how well you can see to get through your day. Take care of your eyes and your eyeglasses!

Technology is Always Changing

Just like computer technology, and the technology behind the multiple versions of your favorite smart phone, the technology making your eyeglasses is always improving and changing, and therefore, offering you new and improved options.

For example, if you’re someone who spends multiple hours a day in front of a computer screen, like many of us, you may notice that your current eyeglasses are leaving your eyes feeling excessively tired and strained at the end of the day. There’s now technology that could update your glasses and give you lenses that reduce glare and improve your overall eye health. Even if your prescription has remained the same for many years, a simple upgrade like this could make your daily life a lot easier.

If you think it may be time to upgrade your eyeglasses, don’t hesitate to contact Clarke EyeCare Center today!

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