Why Computer Prescriptions are Different

Most of us spend our days staring at computers, phones or tablets. This obviously isn’t great for our vision in the long-term but also in the short-term, these habits can cause painful eyestrain.

There are multiple ways you can fight back against this eye fatigue like taking breaks from your work and not sitting too close to your computer monitor but another option lies in computer glasses.

What are Computer Glasses?

Computer glasses are prescribed for the specific distance to relieve the eyestrain that occurs when focusing on intermediate distance. Computer glasses are only to be worn while using electronics because they are specifically made for computer/reading distance and are not to be worn as an all day pair.

The strain of prolonged staring at a computer can be reduced or eliminated by computer glasses because the correction does the focusing for you. 

When Should a Person Get Computer Glasses?

Age is a big factor, but there are times that a computer lens is needed just for people who are on the computer for several hours a day that complain about eye strain. The power or prescription will be determined mostly by age, but can also depend on how far a person’s computer sits or where they hold a tablet comfortably.

If you find yourself straining your eyes day after day while working in front of a computer or with electronics, stop by Clarke EyeCare Center where any member of our staff can answer your questions and help get you fitted for a new pair of computer glasses.

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