Women of a Certain Age: Is It Time to Update Your Glasses?

Women of a Certain Age: Is It Time to Update Your Glasses?

Women of a Certain Age: Is It Time to Update Your Glasses?

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When you are over 40 you begin to see a number of changes including in your vision. This is the age when the printed word suddenly becomes less clear, even when you hold it close. Even if you never needed vision correction before you may find yourself struggling to read that menu these days.

Perhaps your optometrist has uttered that dreaded word: bifocals.

If you have been wearing contact lenses for all these years, this may be the first time you have had to consider new frames. And even if you have always been a glasses wearer you may not have thought of updating your look. New frames arrive all the time; which of them would suit you best at this time of life?

Age is Just a Number

First of all, just because you are starting your fourth decade you shouldn’t let it impact how you feel about yourself. Everyone ages differently and has a different view of who they are. Turning 40 doesn’t change that.

It’s just that your eyes don’t focus as well as they used to. So what? It happens to everyone. This is an easy problem to fix and then you can move on.

The Changes Are Subtle

Still, as you get older things change. The color of your skin changes as you age and according to the amount of time you have spent in the weather. The shade of your irises may be fading slightly. Gravity affects everything. You may have gained or lost weight.

These all impact the shape, style, and color of frame you select. As always, you want something to complement your face, but that, too, has changed subtly.

What Not to Wear

If it doesn’t suit your personality or your personal style, don’t wear it. Do you like the feline look? Go for it. Does it remind you of your Great Aunt Phyllis? Don’t wear it.

One of the few items you will definitely want to avoid is wearing your glasses on a chain around your neck. The other is trying to wear your husband’s glasses. Don’t go there.

Otherwise, the same rules apply no matter your age.

Suit Your Face

Frames that sweep up are a good choice to balance what may be lower than it used to be. Cat’s eye frames or narrow frames that angle up somewhat can keep your face looking younger.

Facial Shape

A round face can be made to look longer and narrower with angular glasses that are wider than they are high. A clear bridge widens the eyes. An oblong face, on the other hand, can be balanced with decorative frames or frames with contrasting temples. A low bridge can shorten the nose. A square face can be softened with narrower frames.


Your skin and eyes may be paler than when you were in your 20’s. Extremely bright colors may be too much now. Certain shades that used to complement you don’t quite look right. Don’t be afraid to try a color you would not have considered before. It may suit you now.

Take your cues from the clothing you wear; which color flatters you most? Most colors will work unless your hair is gray, then tortoiseshell won’t work. It has been said that steel and slate blue are aging but, again, it depends on your individual skin tone and hair color.

Does She or Doesn’t She?

If you prefer that nobody notice your glasses, you can select go frameless with barely there eyewear. Thin metal frames or those that only cover the top of the lens are still in style. Or you can go bold with oversize lenses and bright colors as long as you don’t overwhelm your face.

Do both. Select multiple pairs in different frames for different looks. Wear bold and daring for going out in the evening and subtle for the office. Or cat eye’s for indoor wear and oversize prescription sunglasses for outdoors.

Still Unsure?

Ask the opticians to help. They are happy to guide you to frames that are suitable that match your lifestyle. Take advantage of their knowledge and expertise to help you navigate through all the choices.
And have fun.